SSIS SEL assessments featured in CASEL SEL Assessment Guide

Dr. Stephen Elliott Dr. Stephen Elliott   |   December 4, 2018

On November 5, the Collaborative for Academic Social Emotional Learning (CASEL) released its first SEL Assessment Guide, an online “interactive tool to help practitioners select and effectively use currently available assessments of students’ SEL competencies.” It provides a catalog of 23 SEL assessments, including the 4 SSIS SEL Edition assessments developed by Pearson co-authors Stephen Elliott and Frank Gresham.

The SSIS SEL assessments listed in the guide are:

  • The SSIS SEL Edition Screening/Progress Monitoring Scales (PreK–12th grade)

  • The SSIS SEL Rating Form – Teacher (Ages 3 to 18)

  • The SSIS SEL Rating Form – Parent (Ages 3 to 18)

  • The SSIS SEL Rating Form – Student (two versions: Ages 8 to 12 and 13 to 18)

The SSIS SEL Edition is the only set of assessments fully aligned with the CASEL SEL competency framework, and the only comprehensive multi-informant (i.e., Teacher, Parent, and Student) rating forms listed in the Guide.

See for yourself how they compare!

Samples of these four assessments, their reports for users, and summaries of their key psychometrics are provided on the site for easy inspection and comparison to all other SEL solutions.  

Surprisingly, 15 of the 23 assessments represented in the Guide are student-only self-report forms. Although it’s always important to consider students’ perspectives, these assessments do not cover children under the ages of 7 and are subject to concerns of social desirability faking (unless monitored via validity indices). The SSIS SEL Edition Student Rating Form has three carefully designed validity indices to screen for this type of bias when using its student self report.

Visit the CASEL SEL Assessment Guide to learn more about the SSIS SEL Edition Assessments, and to compare them to other assessments.