What's New in the Early Screening Inventory 3rd Edition?

Dr. Samuel Meisels Dr. Samuel Meisels   |   December 13, 2018

"It has been in widespread use for more than three decades and is one of the most accurate screening tools available.” - Dr. Samuel J. Meisels, Founding Executive Director, Presidential Chair in Early Childhood Development.

Pearson, in partnership with the reputable The Early Screening InventoryTM authors, Dr. Samuel J. Meisels, Dorothea B. Marsden, Laura W. Henderson, and Martha Stone Wiske, announced the release of the new edition of the widely-successful, Early Screening InventoryTM, Third Edition (ESI™-3). 

Over the course of almost 45 years, the Early Screening Inventory (ESI) that has been recognized as a highly trusted and widely used developmental screener, that is brief, individually administered, designed for children ages 3:0–5:11, that is available in both English and Spanish.

The third edition (ESI-3) is an update of the Early Screening Inventory-Revised, 2008 Edition (ESI-R). “We are delighted to continue to offer this valuable resource as the Early Screening Inventory - Third Edition (ESI-3),” said Shelley Hughes, Senior Product Manager, “providing important updates including digital administration options and new normative data to efficiently and accurately identify children who may need further evaluation for special education services.”

The new ESI-3 includes updated norms and validation studies, more content to support social-emotional learning, and relies on a combination of direct assessment  of the student and indirect assessment through a parental questionnaire. A total score reflecting performance across three test domains―Visual-Motor/Adaptive, Language and Cognition, and Gross Motor―determines if a child meets the criteria for referral for more in-depth assessment and if the child may need special education services to perform successfully in school, and research-based intervention recommendations in the form of parent-child activities. Hughes added, “It’s digital administration serves as the vehicle to provide faster and accurate results, with access to interventions right at your fingertips.”

"The ESI has been a reliable, respected, and responsive instrument from day 1. Many of us in early childhood are pleased to see it updated."

ESI-3 will offer an updated version of the training package that will be made available in an online format with newly recorded video content, and updated train-the-trainer materials. ESI-R will continue to be available for customers to meet testing needs for the 2018-2019 academic year.

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